Trust in Sustainability: Cultivating a Responsible Future at Crop’s

At our core, sustainability is a guiding principle that steers our actions, decisions, and aspirations. Finding the delicate balance between meeting the present needs of our communities while safeguarding the world for generations yet to come, is a significant challenge. At Crop’s, we have been embracing this challenge for many years now, understanding that our responsibility as a food business extends beyond the boundaries of our operations.

This article describes the next chapter in our sustainability journey, one that reflects our understanding of the evolving needs of our stakeholders and the external impact on our business. We are excited to share our “Trust” philosophy, our in-depth analysis of the aspirations and considerations of our primary stakeholders, including our employees, our customers, our terroirs, the planet, and the communities in which we conduct our operations. We will unveil our ambitions for the future, and our dedication to creating a positive impact on our planet and society. Join us as we navigate through the core elements of sustainability at Crop’s, highlighting our company-wide commitment.

Trust Our Future

To mitigate our environmental impact, we focus on three crucial areas: agronomy, climate, and water. Our dedication starts where our work begins – in the field. We have a specialised team of agronomists actively collaborating with farmers, fostering a close partnership. The extensive expertise they gain, is shared with the farmers, promoting regenerative and precise agricultural practices while preserving biodiversity. For instance, a large part of our pineapple plantation in Costa Rica is cultivated without using pesticides.

Climate initiatives involve reducing energy consumption, using renewable energy, mapping our carbon footprint, and actively reducing food waste. We minimise water consumption during our production processes, and we invest in solar panels, biomethanisation for green energy, and wastewater treatment plants.


Trust Our Food

At Crop’s, we envision producing food that is not only delicious but also wholesome and sustainable. Our innovative concepts in freshly frozen food cater to the growing demand for healthy, affordable, and convenient meals.

Our commitment to tasty and healthy innovations includes calculating Nutriscore for all recipes, promoting plant-based meals, and offering delicious meals for children. Thanks to our strategic freezing facility placements at the heart of our planet’s most fertile regions, we establish direct partnerships with farmers, enabling short and transparent supply chains. This approach serves as our recipe for ensuring both freshness and safety.

Trust Our People

Our success in sustainability is deeply rooted in strong partnerships and a profound respect for our people. We trust and value our relationships with employees, farmers, communities, customers, and all stakeholders involved. We prioritise respectful partnerships and employee wellbeing, while promoting internal awareness about sustainability. Our initiatives extend from unique partnerships with nature reserves to community engagement, reflecting our dedication to inclusivity and sustainability.

What's Next?

Looking ahead, we have a roadmap to continue our sustainability efforts. This includes information sessions and ambassador activations, implementing comprehensive reporting tools, and sharing best practices. Together, we trust in our future, we trust in our food, and we trust in our people.

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