Our TRUST commitment

TRUST stands for Transparency, Respect, Understanding, Sustainability and Traceability. These five pointers guide our way towards long-term objectives, in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Only when all these aspects are combined, can we talk about sustainable growth. This is the strategy we can all trust. Curious to read more and see concrete data? Download our latest report.


Crop's TRUST commitment, Transparancy
Top quality fruit from field to fork
Crop's TRUST commitment, Respect
Building and supporting communities
Crop's TRUST commitment, Understanding
Knowing our terroirs and focusing on biodiversity
Crop's TRUST commitment, Sustainability
Minimising our environmental impact
Crop's TRUST commitment, Traceability
100% monitored supply chain thanks to vertical integration
Passion For Nature
Passion for nature

Nature’s generosity shouldn’t be taken for granted.
We work hard on minimising our environmental impact on two levels: farming and processing. Our farmers and agronomists work with the FSA-tool (Farm Sustainability Assessment) in order to continuously improve farming process. The goal is to reach a silver level certificate by 2025. When it comes to processing fruit in our factories, we are on the way towards 100% renewable energy, maximum water circularity (also in the fields), reducing waste, as well as gaining full insight into our carbon footprint (currently investigating scope 3 emissions).

Passion For People
Passion for people

People mean the world to us. That’s why we make sure that in the places where we grow our fruit, we also grow and support the local communities. We focus on the occupational safety and health of our employees, providing care, facilities and trainings for smooth onboarding and personal growth. In our locations of Larache, Morocco and Pozega, Serbia, we have developed healthcare initiatives and educational campaigns and programmes.

Passion For Quality
Passion for quality

100% transparency and traceability is how we deliver on the promise of the highest quality. Thanks to strict health and hygiene protocols and a triple-testing strategy, we reduce the presence of pathogenic bacteria to zero. All our fruit is fully traceable, coming from our own or co-managed fields and factories. This ensures not only steady and top quality, but also enables a full transparency towards the end consumers.

Passion For Nature
Passion For People
Passion For Quality
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