Pistachio streusel

75g butter
50g brown sugar

75g pistachio powder

75g flour

90g chopped pistachios

1 vanilla pod

METHOD. Blend all ingredients in the kitchen machine. Roll out at 4mm between two baking sheets. Cut out a round disk of 14cm. Bake in an inox ring for 20min at 160°C.

Pistachio moelleux

65g whole egg
25g egg yolk

90g sugar

110g pistachio powder

25g flour

1 vanilla pod

55g melted butter

40g egg white

40g sugar

METHOD. Whip the egg white and sugar. Mix the whole egg, egg yolk, sugar, pistachio powder, flour and vanilla pod. Add the melted butter. Add the meringue. Pour over the pistachio streusel. Bake for 25min at 180°C. Cut a flower-shaped base out of the streusel using a flower-shaped cake mould.

Sour cherry ganache

90g sour cherry puree
26g invert sugar

242g milk chocolate

51g butter

METHOD. Heat the sour cherry puree with the invert sugar
until 80°C. Add the milk chocolate. Add the butter. Use a hand blender to emulsify. Store overnight in the fridge.

Coconut ganache montée

250g coconut puree
120g invert sugar

50g white chocolate

60g gelatine mass

500g cream 35%

METHOD. Heat the coconut puree with the invert sugar until 70°C. Use this warm mixture to melt the white chocolate and gelatine mass. Emulsify with the hand blender. Add the liquid cream while blending. Store overnight in the fridge.

Sour cherry gelée

225g sour cherry puree
40g lime puree

25g invert sugar

8g pectin glaze

40g sugar

2 star anise

METHOD. Heat the sour cherry and lime puree together with the invert sugar. Add the pectin glaze to the mixture. Boil for at least 2min. Allow to cool and pour into a piping bag.


METHOD. On top of the flower-shaped streusel and moelleux, pipe a delicate layer of sour cherry ganache. Place a thin, flower-shaped chocolate layer on top. Create small dollops of coconut ganache montée on the chocolate surface. Pipe little dots of sour cherry gelée between the coconut ganache montée. Cover with an additional flower-shaped chocolate piece and complete the Mother’s Day Flower by filling the leaves with sour cherry gelée. Finish it off by sprinkling some crushed pistachio nuts on top.

Mother's Day Flower assemblage
Mother's Day Flower Assemblage
Mother's Day Flower Assemblage
Mother's Day Flower Assemblage
Mother's Day Flower recipe Crop's
Mother's Day Flower recipe Crop's
Mother's Day Flower recipe Crop's
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