Is Frozen Fruit as Healthy as Fresh Fruit?

When it comes to nutrition, the common belief that fresh is always superior has deeply rooted itself in our thinking. However, challenging this assumption reveals a surprising truth to many people – frozen fruit, often overlooked, is just as healthy and nutritious as its fresh counterpart. And here is why.

frozen strawberries by Crop's Is frozen fruit as healthy as fresh fruit?

frozen at peak ripeness

In contrast to fresh fruit, which may spend days to weeks in transit before reaching your plate, frozen fruit undergoes the IQF process* within 72 hours of harvest. This innovative flash-freezing technology captures essential vitamins and minerals at their peak, ensuring that the frozen produce remains nutrient-dense.

frozen in time

Fresh produce has a shelf life ticking away during transportation, leading to nutrient loss over time. Frozen fruit, with its extended shelf life of up to two years, halts this countdown and safeguards against nutrient degradations. Reduced exposure to light, air, and temperature fluctuations means your frozen fruit remains as nutrient-packed as they were harvested at peak ripeness.

What's IQF? What is IQF? What does IQF mean?


In conclusion, the assumption that fresh always trumps frozen in terms of nutrition is debunked. The innovative IQF process and extended shelf life of frozen fruit not only preserve but even enhance its nutritional content. The convenience, longevity, and nutrient density make frozen fruit a practical and healthy choice for maintaining a balanced diet. So, the next time you’re facing the fresh vs. frozen dilemma, know that the freezer aisle is on your way out of the supermarket!

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