How to Decorate your Smoothie Bowl like a Pro

Smoothie bowls haven risen in popularity as breakfast and snack option, offering a customisable and nutritious meal fully adapted to your health and wellness goals. Decorating a smoothie bowl allows for a creative challenge and whether you’re an enthusiast or a beginner, mastering the art of decoration will undoubtedly take your smoothie bowls to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore the tips and techniques from our experts to help you decorate your smoothie bowl like a pro.

Smoothie Bowl by Crop's

Choose Vibrant Colours

Colour is the cornerstone for an eye-catching smoothie bowl. It’s essential to select a colour scheme that aligns with your desired aesthetic and the ingredients your have on hand. Here are our four favourite colour theory options:


• Contrasting colours: Opt for colours that contrast sharply with each other, creating a vibrant and visually striking effect. Think of pairing red strawberries with green kiwi, or blueberries with oranges.

• Similar colours: Choose colour that harmonise with each other, creating a soothing and cohesive look. For example, combine red strawberries with pink raspberries, or green kiwi with blueberries.

• Variations of one colour: Stick to different shades of the same colour to create a unified and harmonious appearance. Experiment with light and dark greens, like kiwi and spinach, or light and dark pink, like watermelon and raspberries.

• Neutral colours: Use neutral colours as a smoothie base and add colourful toppings for contract and visual interest. Consider for instance white coconut or creamy banana.

Green smoothie bowl
Strawberry banana smoothie bowl
White smoothie bowl

Master The Layering Technique

Once you’ve settled on your colours and ingredients, mastering the art of layering is crucial for adding depth and visual interest to your smoothie bowl. Follow these steps:


• Base layer: Start by pouring your smoothie base in a bowl, make sure it’s evenly spread.

• Middle layer: Add a layer of crunchy texture by sprinkling granola, nuts, seeds and coconut flakes over the smoothie base. This layer adds depth and prevents softer toppings from sinking into the smoothie.

• Top layer: Finish off your smoothie bowl with a generous assortment of frozen fruit, edible flowers and additional garnishes. Arrange these toppings in a visually appealing manner to create an enticing presentation. How? We’ll show you in the next step.

Arrange Your Topping Aesthetically


Arranging the middle and top layers of smoothie bowls requires patience, precision, and attention to detail. Here are four design options to consider:


• Symmetrical designs: Create balance and harmony with concentric circles, mirrored patterns, or alternating rows.

• Asymmetrical designs: Embrace a more organic and interesting look with off-center focal points or irregular shapes, such as a moon shape.

• Geometric shapes: Enhance the modern aesthetic of your smoothie bowl with triangles, squares, or zigzags.

• Minimal toppings: Keep it simple and uncluttered by placing toppings with precision and finesse for an elegant presentation.

Smoothie bowl by Crop's
Smoothie bowl by Crop's
Smoothie bowl by Crop's

Extra Tips


To level up your smoothie bowl creations, our experts have listed a few extra tips for making the perfect smoothie bowl:


• Balance flavours: Make sure the toppings complement the flavour of your smoothie base rather than overpowering it. Experiment with sweet, salty and savoury combinations for a well-rounded taste experience.

• Chill the bowl: Pre-chilling the bowl before decorating helps prevent the smoothie base from thawing too quickly, giving you ample time to arrange your toppings and create a stunning presentation.

• Use piping bags and tweezers: For more intricate designs and precise decoration, use piping bags and tweezers to achieve a professional-looking result.

• Think outside the bowl: Get creative with your presentation by garnishing the edges of the bowl, incorporating overhanging ingredients, or serving your smoothie bowl in unconventional containers such as hollowed-out fruits or edible vessels. Consider adding interactive elements like extra toppings in a separate bowl or edible utensils for added flair.

But Most Importantly


Have fun and let your creativity flow! There are no hard rules when it comes to decorating smoothie bowls, so feel free to think outside the bowl and try new techniques and ingredients. With a little bit of practice and imagination, you’ll soon be decorating smoothie bowls like a pro. We’d love to see your creations – so share your smoothie bowl with us.


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White smoothie bowl by Crop's
Blackcurrant smoothie bowl by Crop's
Strawberry Banana smoothie bowl

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