Frozen mango chunks

Mango, ready to use


From fruit experts to food professionals, with passion and know-how. Strong family heritage and closeness to people are the core values we cultivate, wherever we go and in everything we do. 


Sun-drenched and fragrant: mango is the perfect culinary chameleon. Our Latin American variety is sweet and juicy, excellent for direct consumption, e.g. in fruit salads. The mangoes we grow in Asia are paler, firmer and less juicy: a great fit for the food industry. Here, the mango preparations become ingredients of pastries, smoothies, yoghurts or fruit salads. Available in dices of different formats and chunks.


Also know that we offer more yellow fruit and fruit mixes in our range of frozen fruits. 


Our frozen fruit is available for different segments such as foodservice, wholesale, industry, retail and artisan.

frozen mango chunks

Perfect for frozen food preparations


Indulge in the versatility of frozen mango chunks, perfect for your culinary adventures. From exotic frozen fruit preparations to tantalizing smoothies, these vibrant and flavorful mango bites elevate every dish.


Whether you're baking, blending, or simply snacking, our premium frozen fruit preparations, featuring delectable frozen mango chunks, bring a burst of tropical goodness to your creations. Embrace the convenience and richness of using frozen mango chunks as your go-to ingredient for delightful dishes that never disappoint.


Unleash your creativity in the kitchen with the exceptional taste and nutrition of our frozen mango chunks, making every meal a tropical delight.


Frozen mango chunks

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