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A broad range of carefully selected varieties to be used as ingredients or stars of any show, from the kitchen to industrial applications. Fully traceable, with specific organic ranges available.

Single fruit
pineapple chunks

The supersweet pineapples from our plantations in Costa Rica are the crowned heads of Crop’s fruit range. The plantation supplies exclusively our own frozen fruit factory: we harvest at peak ripeness and ensure the highest quality.

We carefully peel the fruits by hand and take out the core to deliver perfectly soft product. We offer pineapple in a pure, ready-to-use form or as an ingredient of ideally balanced fruit compositions such as smoothies and fruit salads. 

Single fruit
Strawberry frozen

We grow strawberries in our terroirs of Poland and Morocco. The Polish varieties are sweet, dark red and full of juice: ideal for drinks, purees and fruit preparations. Moroccan strawberries contain less juice while remaining fragrant and delicious, ready to be used in pastry, preparations & freeze dry. Available in different cuts and sizes to match your specific needs. Thanks to our unique patented technology, we can provide coated strawberries. Also available organic.

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Frozen Blueberry

The hand-picked wild variety, small and intensely purple, comes from forests in Scandinavia and Canada. It's a traditional ingredient for pastry, bakery, jam, yoghurts and smoothies.  
We cultivate a more broadly available blueberry variety in Poland and Morocco. These blueberries are sweeter, with paler flesh: an ideal fruit-mix ingredient or standalone snack.

Single fruit
Frozen Raspberry

We grow these luscious, deep red fruits in Central & Eastern Europe, where the climate and acid soil produce the tastiest raspberries. The Heritage, Meeker and Williamette varieties are perfect for bakery and freeze dry; our summer and Polka Polana varieties for retail packed products and fruit preparations.

How do we deliver these fragile fruits in an impeccable form? We hand pick them with the greatest care and freeze them within 4 to 8 hours from harvesting.

Single fruit
Frozen Cherry

Our sour cherry varieties range from mild to intensely tart. For all our varieties, processed in our own production units, we guarantee strict low pit tolerance specifications. Organic range of sour cherries available.

Single fruit
Frozen Mango

Sun-drenched and fragrant: mango is the perfect culinary chameleon. Our Latin American variety is sweet and juicy, excellent for direct consumption, e.g. in fruit salads.

The mangoes we grow in Asia are paler, firmer and less juicy: a great fit for the food industry. Here, the mango preparations become ingredients of pastries, smoothies, yoghurts or fruit salads. Available in dices of different formats and chunks.

Single fruit
Frozen Apple

We grow our apple varieties in South Tyrol (Italy). Cripp’s Pink, with its fruity and sweet taste plays the leading role in pastries. Morgenduft, just as its name — the morning aroma — indicates, offers refreshing, slightly acidic notes that work perfectly in fruit blends.

The green and enjoyably sour Granny Smith and sweet and crispy Jonagold add to the spectrum of flavours. Our apples are available in calibrated chunks, segments, strips and dices.

Single fruit
Frozen Apricot

Our dense and juicy apricots are grown in the Mediterranean, where the warm spring season lets the early flowers blossom without frost damage. When the fruit ripens fully in the summer sun, the apricots are harvested with a rich, fruity, and slightly tart flavour. As go-to fruits for home, professional baking and jams, our apricots are available in a number of dices and cuts, e.g. calibrated halves and quarters or irregular cuts.


Single fruit
Frozen banana

Bananas are healthy and nutritious ingredients of many fruit snacks, salads or freeze dry. 


When blended, they give smoothies and shakes appealingly dense, velvety texture.


We cultivate them in Central America and deliver to you in slices, also in an organic variant.

Single fruit
Frozen Blackcurrant

Blackcurrants are the fruits of a bittersweet, somewhat earthy flavour.


As a popular ingredient of jams and drinks, blackcurrant brings the unique grape-like fragrances with cherry undertones to any recipe or blend.


Grown in Poland and Baltic states. Also available organic. 

Single fruit
Frozen Blackberry

Dark and rich in flavour, blackberries are the shining jewels of fruit mixes and salads.


We grow our varieties in the majestic mountains of Serbia or pluck them wild.


The wild blackberries are smaller, firmer and with less juice — a great addition to yoghurts and ice cream preparations. 

Single fruit
Frozen Clementine

This mellow yet fleshy fruit, beautifully wrapped under a vibrant orange peel, is sourced from our own Moroccan factory.


An ingredient of choice in pastries, sangrias and breakfast salads, these sunny wedges shine all their radiant taste in any preparation they are added to. 

Single fruit
Frozen Coconut

An excellent all-rounder in kitchens and bars, coconut gives dishes and drinks that mild, somewhat nutty tropical note.


It works amazingly well in both sweet and savoury creations, limited only by imagination.


Our coconut is available in  the ready-to-use diced format, with or without skin.

Single fruit
Frozen Cranberry

Cranberries grow on an evergreen North American plant. Similarly, the fruits are an evergreen in many cuisines around the world, famous for their health benefits.


Since it’s not easy to find them fresh, frozen cranberries are the perfectly convenient solution, also for juices, sauces and jams.

Single fruit
Frozen Dragonfruit

This peculiar fruit is a succulent ingredient of exotic fruit salads and drink blends, adding a flavour that balances between the notes of kiwi and pear. The white dragonfruit can be used as a surprising touch to an exotic salad.  Offered in dice cut.

Single fruit
Frozen Fruit Figs

Soft skin with a rich, fleshy interior give figs a royal appearance, often portrayed in still nature paintings. As an indispensable ingredient in the culinary art, they are the classic base for pastries, jams, salads and yoghurts.


The fig trees grow in warm Mediterranean region, particularly Turkey and Morocco. Next to the most popular green fig, we offer blue and black figs in different cuts and sizes.  

Single fruit
Frozen Grape

With its round and bouncy aspect, this natural bonbon is ready to release an explosion of sweetness in fruit mixes and fresh salads.

Single fruit
Frozen Grapefruit

This sun-soaked fruit has ripened under the abundant heat to deliver its full flavour.


Our hand-cut red segments complement best breakfast buffets, fresh salads and healthy exotic snacks.

Single fruit
Frozen Kiwi

Rough skin covers the uniquely green interior of fresh and zesty flavour and firm texture.


That’s kiwi, an indispensable ingredient of exotic fruit salads and smoothies.


Our hand-peeled kiwi comes in easy-to-use diced or sliced format.

Single fruit
Frozen lemon slices

When Crop’s gives you lemons, you can make anything you need: with a full spectrum of cuts and sizes, our lemons are ready to use in multiple applications, from drinks to freeze dry industry applications.


We cultivate them on our own Moroccan fields. Available with skin in half slices, slices, wedges and whole fruit, including also organic half slices.

Single fruit
Frozen Ligonberry

Lingonberry is a rare find, which is why we go the extra mile to source it from Scandinavian forests and freeze it for easy access and application.


This vividly red, sour wild berry is the ultimate holiday season ingredient for ready meals and condiments.

Single fruit
Frozen Lime

Lemon’s green cousin makes sour feel sweet, thanks to its subtle bitter taste.An absolute delight in drinks and cocktails, this tropical gem can also be a pleasing surprise in savoury dishes. Offered in half slices.

Single fruit
Frozen Lychee

Once torn open, the lychee’s rough shell reveals a refreshing, exotic fruit with exquisite floral notes that remind of rose fragrance. Its delectable sweet taste is similar to a strawberry or pear with a hint of citrus.


Excellent addition to fruit salads, drinks and ice cream. Delivered in a ready-to-use form: whole, peeled and seedless.

Single fruit
Frozen Melon chunks

We scoop small balls from the pale orange and green flesh of our melon varieties for playfulness and ease of use.


Vividly red watermelon chunks bring greatness of this giant fruit to bite-size crunchy pieces.


Whichever type of melon you choose (and why not all?), it will adorn deserts and fruit salads, making them irresistible.

Single fruit
Frozen Orange

A single bite in this juicy treasure immediately takes any palate to the sunny Moroccan landscapes.

Our oranges’ firm texture and the variety of cuts available (segments, slices, whole, chunks, trimmmed, ...) allow for a large versatility of uses.

From remarkable ingredient in fruit salads to quality product on breakfast buffets, the orange segments are delivered with or without peel, and always seedless. Also available organic.

Single fruit
Frozen Papaya

The great majority of our Red Lady papayas ripen in the sunny fields of our Costa Rican plantation.


Full of juice and luscious exotic flavour, this fruit elevates fruit salad mixes, but can also serve as a blend ingredient that gives smoothies that rich, velvety texture.


Available diced and in chunks.

Single fruit
FRozen Peach

With its intense sunshiny colours, yellow peach tastes like the summer itself: bright, sweet and slightly zesty.


Its white sister variety has a more refined, premium feel to it, thanks to the flowery fragrance and a delicate white and pink colour.


Both varieties are a go-to ingredient in the food industry, foodservice and baking. Available diced and in segments.

Single fruit
Frozen Pear

The curvy Williams pear originates from the green valleys of Italy, where local growers collect the fruit at peak ripeness to ensure the most savoury, fruity flesh and an even texture after baking.


For baked goods, the segments and calibrated halves will make premium products, while dices and chunks lend themselves very well to fruit salads, preparations and smoothies.

Single fruit
Frozen Plums

Serbian soils bear a variety of plum that is soft-skinned, sweet and of juicy pulp.


We harvest them at peak ripeness, clean, pit and cut in halves or quarters right before the flash-freezing.


Suitable for diverse applications, our plums are the everyday heroes of bakery and artisan products such as plum pies, clafoutis, crumbles, compotes and jams.   

Single fruit
Frozen Pomegranate

This round fruit hides juicy seeds that reveal themselves in the crunchiest way.


With their distinctive tart taste and fiery red appearance, these small jewels go wonderfully together with cheese, hearty dishes or fruit salads, and are used as toppings for cocktails and mocktails.

Single fruit
Frozen Redcurrant

Growing in vividly red tiny bunches, redcurrants are truly an accent fruit.


They don’t go unnoticed thanks to their tart taste which brings just the right amount of tangy quality into red fruit mixes.


Next to blends, redcurrants are also a delicious ingredient of jams and jellies. 

Single fruit
Frozen Rhubarb

Rhubarb grows abundantly in Poland. When its fleshy stalks have acquired a pinkish red colour, the taste has reached maximum sweetness next to its recognizable note of bitterness.


Rhubarb realises its full potential in premium bakery applications, but is also suitable for dairy preparations and jam. Available in slices and dices.

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