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Our in-house R&D department carefully composes fruit combinations for a burst of flavours, including custom fruit solutions for your specific needs. Organic ranges are also available.

Fruit Mixes
Frozen Blueberry Raspberry Mix
Blueberry Raspberry Mix

Superstars among berries brought together in an explosion of taste. Blueberry charms with its deep purple colour and nutritional values, while the Meeker raspberry brings a refined, sweet note to the mix together with a long list of vitamins.

This composition was granted five stars in consumer tastings. Organic range available.

Fruit Mixes
Red Fruit Mix
Red Fruit Mix Bakery

The redcurrant, wild blackberry and Canadian wild blueberry in this mix have been selected for their intense flavours and homogenous sizes. The combination is ideal for pastries, as it balances the sweetness of the pastry with its tangy aroma with a sweet touch.

Fruit Mixes
Red Fruit Mix (catering)
Red Fruit Mix

A standard for our catering customers, this red fruit mix combines strawberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Fruit Mixes
Red Fruit Mix (6 fruits)
Ruby Fruit Mix

This premium mix consists of a carefully composed combination of more complex taste profiles, homogeneous sizes and low drip loss. Combining the wild blackberry, cultivated blueberry, redcurrant, heritage raspberry, Oblachinska sourcherry  and blackcurrant results in beautifully shaded red colour palette. Ideal as a topping for pastries or as a fruit salad.

Fruit Mixes
Autumn Salad

A delicious, unique combination of premium fall fruit. Ready for you to enjoy in one salad: luscious plums, sweet oranges, and crispy apples and pears. 

Fruit Mixes
Acapulco Fruit Salad

Unique combination between tropical fruits and the quintessential orchard fruit, with a touch of red.


Elevate your breakfast buffet or dessert with juicy mangos, green and orange melons, smooth peaches, sweet pineapples, crispy apples and succulent grapes. 

Fruit Mixes
Exotic Salad

If you’d like to travel to a sunny destination during your snack break, there’s only one way to do it.


The exotic salad is a favourite blend for a summer salad, featuring our supersweet Costa Rican pineapple as a highlight of this refreshing composition.


Available in chunks and dices, with or without the addition of passion fruit juice that further enhances the flavours.

Fruit Mixes
Spring Salad

A curated selection of our very best orchard fruits that enriches our retail range.


This crunchy, colourful mix is a refreshing standalone snack. It can also be combined with yoghurt or ice cream.

Fruit Mixes
Sunshine Salad

This is the salad where the hero fruits from our plantations around the world meet in a balanced, sunshiny blend. The unique combination of tropical, zesty flavours and a sweet berry duo makes for an unforgettable burst of freshness. 


We select strawberry halves that are roughly the same size as the other fruit pieces in order to let all ingredients defrost at an approximately similar pace. 

Fruit Mixes
Sangria mix
Fruit for Sangria

The Crop’s frozen sangria fruit mix is a fabulous summer party hack. This composition of pre-peeled and pre-cut fruit simply requires to be added to wine and sit for 15 to 20 minutes. The fruit will cool the drink down and absorb the wine. Minimum work and zero fruit waste for maximum pleasure.

Fruit Mixes
Red Fruit Topping

Frozen red fruit, dried cranberries and seeds come together in this original ready-to-eat mix to take breakfast oatmeal, granola or yoghurt to the next level of taste and convenience.


Enjoy its high nutritional value, as it is packed with goodness, with sunflower seeds bringing antioxidants, iron, zinc and magnesium to this fruity vitamin bomb. 

Fruit Mixes
Tropical Topping

This fruit composition of pineapple, mango and peach cut into perfect cubes lends itself to a variety of applications, especially as a dessert topping. Our favourite? A panna cotta!

Fruit Mixes
Sunshine Topping

This fruit composition cut into perfect cubes lends itself to a variety of applications, especially as a dessert topping. Our favourite? A panna cotta!

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