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Fruit Bowls

A fruit snack prepared as effortlessly as possible, with the right amount and no waste at all times. An innovation in the fruit market.

Fruit Bowls
Frozen Açaï Bowl
Açaï Bowl

Absolute stars of this composition, açai berries might be small in size, but they have great health benefits thanks to their high antioxidant content.


In our bowl, they share the stage with other worthy fruit performers: mango, banana, sweet cherry and coconut.


All together, they form a perfectly layered, rich and well-balanced mix ready to rock your bowl. 

Fruit Bowls
Blueberry Bowl Frozen
Blueberry Bowl

The blueberry bowl is a shining example that, sometimes, simple really does it.


Frozen at peak ripeness, our blueberries keep the beautiful shape, colour and healthy antioxidants of freshly picked, sun-ripened fruits. We grow them in our own or co-managed fields of Poland and Morocco.

Grab a handful of these purple wonders and brighten your breakfast, afternoon snack or dessert.

Fruit Bowls
Frozen Exotic Bowl
Exotic Bowl

Mango, Costa Rican pineapple from our plantations and papaya: a trio of exotic fruits whose respective flavours complement each other so well that they might as well become one amazing super fruit.

What makes this bowl so unique is how it features coconut, with its creamy, milky white nut flavour, and ginger, spicy by nature. These two guest ingredients on top of the juicy fruit mix make this salad bowl a real treat.     

Fruit Bowls
Pineapple Bowl
Pineapple Bowl

When the majestic crown of the fruit kingdom is served in bite-size chunks, everyone gets a taste of the royal sweetness. In this bowl, the pineapple, grown in our Costa Rican sustainable plantation, is offered in its purest form.


As an on-the-go snack, in addition to a breakfast bowl or to top a dessert, this exotic fruit is a flavoursome way to elevate your meal. 

Fruit Bowls
Porridge Bowl
Porridge Bowl

For decades, porridge has been mythical breakfast material on all British tables.


Recently, it has also conquered European morning routines. Our bowl combines the exquisite oatmeal at the bottom with healthy apples and raisins on top.


A short spin in the microwave and your breakfast habit will be turned upside down.

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