Frozen fruit pastry

Fruit solutions for bakers

Calling all passionate bakers, ice cream artisans, and confectionery chefs! Our enticing range of IQF frozen fruit is here to elevate your creations with a burst of colors, textures, and flavors that ignite unlimited creativity.




Whether you need a luscious fruit filling, a tantalizing topping, or an exquisite decoration, our frozen fruit pastry selection has you covered. With a wide array of zesty tropical flavors, classic red berries, and sunny orchard fruits, we provide the palette for your artistic expressions.




Explore our delectable assortment of frozen fruit for pastry, each a masterpiece in its own right:


  • Single Fruit: Experience the pure essence of fruits like never before, with each piece individually frozen to maintain its peak flavor.
  • Fruit Mixes: Unleash a symphony of flavors as you blend different fruits, creating harmonious combinations that delight the palate.
  • Puree Portions: Elevate your fillings and sauces with the smooth and concentrated taste of our puree portions, conveniently portioned for your culinary ease.
  • Puree Tubs: Larger quantities of puree, ready to bring bold fruit flavors to your larger-scale creations.
  • Fruit Coulis: Add a touch of elegance with our luxurious fruit coulis, perfect for drizzling over cakes, desserts, and more.


Each of our frozen fruit products are top ingredients with a broad palette of vibrant colours, flavours and different textures. 

Add a layer of greatness to your creations!

frozen fruit pastry


Each of our frozen fruit products is a work of art, meticulously crafted to offer a broad palette of vibrant colors, diverse flavors, and tantalizing textures. So, whether you're dreaming up a dazzling tart, a sumptuous pie, or a refreshing sorbet, our frozen fruit is your key ingredient to add a layer of greatness to your edible masterpieces!

Step into a world where frozen fruit sparks culinary imagination, and let your creations enthrall taste buds with a symphony of fruit-forward delights. With our frozen fruit for pastry, the stage is set for your artistic brilliance to shine. So, embrace the endless possibilities and let your culinary artistry take flight with the finest frozen fruit at your fingertips!

Frozen fruit for pastry


Puree Tubs
Crop's frozen fruit puree kiwi
Puree Tubs
Crop's frozen fruit puree black currant noir de Bourgogne
Puree Tubs
Crop's frozen fruit puree passionfruit
Passion Fruit
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