Frozen fruit & mix for smoothie bowl

Frozen fruit for smoothies

Premium quality fruit compositions for the exact blend of flavours, easily achievable every time, anytime. Enjoy healthy fruit beyond seasons and minimise the preparation time.  Just add your favourite juice, blend and enjoy a perfect smoothie.  



A few of our smoothie mixes and fruit for smoothie bowls:


  • Coconut crush
  • Ginger beets
  • Blue blast
  • Berry cherry
  • Mango dream
  • Passion storm
  • ....


Discover our smoothie blends

frozen fruit smoothie bowl
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sunshine frozen smoothie mixes
frozen fruit smoothie organic
frozen fruit smoothie mix

Elevate your smoothie game with our exquisite range of frozen fruit smoothie bowls!


Crafted with premium quality fruits, these delightful compositions offer the perfect blend of flavors, effortlessly achievable every time, regardless of the season. Say goodbye to fruit limitations and welcome a world of endless smoothie possibilities with our frozen fruit selections.
Simply grab your favorite juice, toss in our frozen fruit smoothie bowl mix, blend to perfection, and voila! A nutritious and delicious smoothie is ready to tantalize your taste buds. Embrace the convenience of having a variety of flavors at your disposal, from the tropical goodness of Coconut Crush and Mango Dream to the zesty allure of Ginger Beets and Passion Storm.


Unleash your creativity with smoothie blends that burst with vibrant colors and natural goodness. Our frozen fruit smoothie bowls take the hassle out of preparation, making it easier than ever to enjoy a healthy and refreshing treat anytime you desire. So, whether you're craving a Blue Blast or longing for the sweetness of Berry Cherry, our smoothie mixes are your key to a world of flavorful bliss.


Join the smoothie revolution and explore the delightful possibilities of frozen fruit smoothie bowls. Take your taste buds on a journey of delightful sensations, and experience the joy of creating the perfect smoothie bowl that nourishes both your body and soul. Savor the taste of nature's finest fruits and let your smoothie adventures begin!

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