Frozen fruit breakfast

breakfast bowl frozen fruit

Freshest Fruit, Straight From the Field

At Crop's, we use all our experience to grow the finest fruit. In our own fields, with respect for nature, we handpick and deliver the freshest fruit straight to your table!


Freeze-dried for freshness

Our frozen fruit is flash-frozen within hours of being picked, locking in all its nutrients and flavor. With its convenience and long shelf life, you can enjoy a nutritious breakfast every morning!


Different Flavors for Every Day

We offer a wide selection of individual fruits, as well as a range of flavors and combinations to suit every taste. From mangoes to blueberries to tropical mixes, there's something for everyone!


Fruit mixes or Individual Fruits Ready in an Instant

Our pre-mixed bags of exotic fruits are perfect if you want something different. With our mixes, you can explore the world's flavors . 

Our individually frozen fruits are great for adding to your breakfast, or for snacking on the go - just pop them into your bag or lunchbox and you're all set! Enjoy

Fruit for fruit bowls

A fruit snack prepared as effortlessly as possible, with the right amount and no waste at all times. An innovation in the fruit market.


Our frozen fruit products for fruit bowls:


  • Açaï bowl
  • Blueberry bowl
  • Exotic bowl
  • Pineapple bowl
  • Porridge bowl


Find your favourite flavour or try all of our fruit mixes for your breakfast bowl !


Frozen fruit for breakfast


frozen fruit breakfast
Fruit Bowls
Frozen Exotic Bowl
Exotic Bowl
Fruit Mixes
Red Fruit Mix
Red Fruit Mix (3 fruits)
Fruit Mixes
Frozen Blueberry Raspberry Mix
Blueberry Raspberry Mix
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