Frozen blueberry

Tasty and fresh blueberries

 At Crop's, we use all our experience to grow the finest fruit. In our own fields, with respect for nature and people. When the fruit reaches its full ripeness, we harvest it with care and freeze it instantly, to bring it to you in its tastiest and healthiest form.


The hand-picked wild variety of blueberries, small and intensely purple, comes from forests in Scandinavia and Canada. It's a traditional ingredient for pastry, bakery, jam, yoghurts and smoothies.  

We cultivate a more broadly available blueberry variety in Poland and Morocco. These blueberries are sweeter, with paler flesh: an ideal fruit-mix ingredient or standalone snack.


Crop’s blueberry puree

Our frozen fruit puree tub (1 kg) features a blended single fruit ready to be defrosted and applied in pastries, desserts, drinks and anything your imagination creates. 

Frozen blueberry

Blueberry, 10% sugar

These puree portions feature wild, hand-picked blueberries, which have an intense, earthy flavour and a vibrant colour of deep indigo, with 10% of sugar to further boost their powers. By blending the blueberries, we obtain a perfect texture that serves perfectly in creations such as drinks, desserts and ice cream. The puree is divided into handy 10g cubes, which can be very easily dosed according to needs or added directly to some preparations. 



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