Chocolate sponge

250g milk
175g butter
80g sugar
160g flour
90g high fat cocoa powder
300g egg yolk
180g whole egg
440g egg white
220g sugar

METHOD. Boil the milk, butter and sugar (80g). Add the flour and cocoa powder and mix for a few minutes. Place the dough into a kitchen machine with a paddle and gradually add the eggs. Whip the egg white and sugar (220g). Fold in the meringue to the mixture. Bake for 15min at 165°C.

Ganache montée à la rose

250g cream 40%
80g invert sugar
50g white chocolate
60g gelatine mass
500g cream 40%
QS rosewater

METHOD. Heat the cream (250g) and invert sugar until 70°C. Dissolve the gelatine mass in the hot mixture. Pour on top of the white chocolate and make an emulsion with a hand blender. Add the rest of the cold liquid cream (500g) and rosewater while blending. Store overnight in the fridge.

Raspberry and lychee gelée

113g raspberry puree
113g lychee puree
40g lime puree
25g  invert sugar
8g pectin glaze
40g sugar

METHOD. Heat the fruit puree together with the invert sugar. Add the pectin glaze to the mixture. Boil for at least 2min. Pour the gelee in a long, cylindrical mould and freeze.

Black currant crémeux

80g blackcurrant puree
20g raspberry puree
40g whole egg
30g egg yolk
30g violet sugar
9g gelatine mass
40g butter

METHOD. Heat the fruit puree, whole egg, egg yolk and sugar until 83°C. Add the gelatine mass and cool down until 38°C. Add the butter (at room temperature) and mix. Pour the crémeux into a larger, long, cylindrical mould. Carefully remove the gelée from its mould and place it on top of the crémeux. Push the gelée into the crémeux until fully covered and freeze.


Evenly spread the rose-infused ganache montée onto the chocolate sponge. Carefully remove the gelée-crémeux from the mould and position it along the edge of the sponge cake. Roll up the cake and freeze it again. Top with a chocolate cylinder and pipe additional ganache montée on top of the cake. Sprinkle frozen fruit over the Chocolate Roulé for an elegant finishing touch.

Chocolate roulé_raspberry puree, lychee puree, lime puree, blackcurrant puree
Chocolate roulé_raspberry puree, lychee puree, lime puree, blackcurrant puree
Chocolate roulé_raspberry puree, lychee puree, lime puree, blackcurrant puree
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