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Crop’s started back in 1977 as a family-owned Belgian company. Decades later, we’re still the same, only bigger. You can find us all around the globe, growing the world's finest fruit and building communities in the places where we set our fields and factories.

Staying hands-on is how we’ve built our expertise and heritage. Rather than outsourcing our ingredients, we choose to grow them ourselves in close cooperation with thousands of farmers. We’ve discovered the best terroirs around the world and decided to locate our sustainable fields and factories there, working closely with the local experts.

Thorough knowledge of soils and ensuring biodiversity is how we make sure we grow the highest quality of fruit varieties selected for diverse applications within the food industry. Finally, we preserve fruit in its purest form: by flash-freezing it at peak ripeness within a very short time from harvesting, we can share fruit of a naturally perfect colour, taste and texture.

Thanks to the full control of our production and supply chain, we can easily point the places our fruit comes from. That’s important not just for the quality and the guarantee of seamless distribution. It’s also crucial for transparency of sourcing and fair relationships with the people we work with. In the sunny hills of Costa Rica, Moroccan plantations, fields at the heart of  Serbian mountains and the Polish countryside, we feel at home. And that’s how we want everyone to feel about working with and for Crop’s.

As a producer of frozen fruit solutions ranging from single and mixed fruit, fruit purees, coulis and smoothie mixes, we respond to the needs of all food professionals and consumers. Our quality managers, in-house chefs and application experts analyse different fruit varieties and cut sizes to develop the best match for all kinds of applications, suited for demands of big-scale wholesale and industry specialists, as well as food professionals operating on a smaller or local scale.

Our fruit solutions, packaging and product formats are designed to give food professionals full confidence in the ingredients they  use and to simplify the ways they use them.


All our know-how is set to help our clients grow, beyond limitations

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Family owned


Family-owned company established in 1977


Growing & producing frozen fruit


Expert in growing and producing frozen fruit


Fruit Production Units


5 fruit production units in the best terroirs


Fruit Experts


HQ of ca. 340 fruit experts and consultants
Consolidated turnover


Consolidated turnover of 500 million EUR


Export of Frozen Fruit


Exporter to 70 countries



From growing to knowing world's best fruit

We are the fruit experts on all levels. From growing fruit in our own fields, to technological excellence when it comes to processing and freezing it, we make sure that you get the highest quality. But it doesn't stop there. Crop's dedicated agronomists, R&D specialists and commercial team work on innovation and tailor-made solutions for any fruit question you may have. Have a taste of the possibilities.


Discover our frozen fruits

Frozen Fruits Crop's
Growing Fruit - Fields
Growing Fruit

The world of crops

Tracing every fruit back to our fields and factories

We grow our fruit in full sun and deliver it to you in full transparency.


Costa Rica

Horquetas, Costa Rica

Our A-grade supersweet pineapples ripen in the sunny fields owned by crop's, surrounded by a virgin jungle we preserved. All the water used in the factory is rainwater: we purify it with a system of natural pools. To take care of the soil, we raise cattle in the unplanted fields - a step towards circular production. 

Larache, Morocco

Sun-soaked fields cooled by the ocean breeze provide the perfect conditions to grow the most succulent strawberries, berries and citrus fruit. The factory in which we flash-freeze our fruit is a highly innovative unit that focuses on sustainability. We also work closely with the community, supporting local healthcare and education. These long-term relationships with people turn into experience and eye for detail, so important for selecting and handling top quality fruit. 

Lublin, Poland

Eastern Poland is a region of rich black soils and historically shaped agriculture know-how. We are so proud to be a part of it, growing our raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, blackberries, rhubarb, strawberries, gooseberries, Lutovka sour cherries there, as well as wild berries plucked straight from the woods. All frozen at peak ripeness within several hours from harvest at the local factory. 

Pozega, Serbia

in the sunny slopes of Serbian mountains, we found our raspberry heaven. Here, we grow Williamette, the variety with the most versatile applications, and Meeker, loved by chefs and bakers. To make sure these fragile fruits get frozen directly after harvest in their purest form, texture and flavour, we've located our bio-sustainable factory right in the middle of the fields, with its own water purification system. Today, this factory is the largest production point of frozen fruit in the country. 

Frozen Fruit Producer Costa Rica Frozen Fruit Producer Morocco Frozen Fruit Producer Poland Frozen Fruit Producer Serbia

Quality & Food safety

100% traceability

To make sure our fruit is handled with the best of care, we cultivate our own fruits on the best terroirs and we build longstanding and loyal partnerships with local growers. Furthermore we see to it that all work is carried out with respect for the environment.  The quality & food safety of the fruit are determined by the presence of nutrients and absence of contamination. 100% of our productions sites and external partners' facilities are GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified. A fully traceable supply chain puts us in full control and gives us access to data and a journey of every product we offer.
At Crop’s we guarantee levels of pesticide residue and pathogenic bacteria, compliant with EU legislation on food safety. But we aim even higher. Our goal is to bring food from our fields to your fork, without any hazardous contamination at all.

Crop's Fruit our fields
Fruit Fields Crop's
Fruit Growing Fields


from our fields to your fork




& Cultivation


The Crop’s agronomists work with their (local) partners, always striving for quality, perfection and keeping sustainability in mind.  They identify the perfect and resistant varieties and develop a precise drilling plan, to spread and synchronize the harvest. The seeds are sown according to precision techniques, such as GPS and sections steering.  The agronomists use state-of-the-art technologies to map the characteristics of the soil and to enable more precise application of natural pesticides and fertilizers.

frozen fruit supplier


Picked at
full ripeness

And processed within a very short time from harvesting.


Quality control
at our production facility

Intake control on

  • Sensory attributes
  • Physical parameters (presence of core & skin,
    brix, foreign bodies, ripeness)
  • Microbiological parameters
  • Control of contaminants
Quality control frozen fruits


Freezing, packing & shipping

After freezing (individually quick frozen) and packing, the fruit is shipped in the most sustainable conditions.  Temperatures are constantly registered with 2 temperature recorders, installed in front and at the back of the container and trailer.

frozen fruit quality control


Second quality control
in Crop’s Ooigem


  • Temperature registrations
  • Brix, size, presence of skin, pits & core
  • Presence of foreign bodies
  • Physical parameters and taste



Next to internal quality controls, incoming and outgoing products are also regularly checked on microbiology by a certified independent laboratory.

Crop's fruit fields
fruit fields quality control
Frozen fruit supplier


last check

A last control takes place at
the moment of delivery according to the customer requirements. 

About us

Our TRUST commitment

TRUST stands for Transparency, Respect, Understanding, Sustainability and Traceability. These five pointers guide our way towards long-term objectives, in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Only when all these aspects are combined, can we talk about sustainable growth. This is the strategy we can all trust. Curious to read more and see concrete data? Download our latest report.


Crop's TRUST commitment, Transparancy
Top quality fruit from field to fork
Crop's TRUST commitment, Respect
Building and supporting communities
Crop's TRUST commitment, Understanding
Knowing our terroirs and focusing on biodiversity
Crop's TRUST commitment, Sustainability
Minimising our environmental impact
Crop's TRUST commitment, Traceability
100% monitored supply chain thanks to vertical integration
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