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We use all our experience to grow the finest fruit. In our own fields, with respect for nature and people. When the fruit reaches its full ripeness, we harvest it with care and freeze it instantly, to bring it to you in its tastiest and healthiest form.

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frozen pineapple chunks

The supersweet pineapples from our sustainable plantations in Costa Rica are the crowned heads of Crop’s fruit range. The plantation supplies exclusively our own frozen fruit factory — this way we can harvest pineapples at peak ripeness and ensure the highest quality product for a variety of applications.

Frozen Strawberry

In our terroirs of Poland and Morocco, we grow different varieties of strawberries. The Polish varieties are sweet, dark red and full of juice while the Moroccan strawberries are larger and contain less juice while remaining fragrant and delicious.

Frozen Blueberry

We cultivate a more broadly available, larger and sweeter blueberry variety in Poland and Morocco. The wild variety, smaller and intensely purple, is hand-picked in forests in Scandinavia and Canada.

Raspberry frozen

The rolling hills of Serbia and Chile are the excellent places to grow fragrant, deep-pink fruits that we handpick with the greatest care. Freezing our raspberries directly afterwards, we capture their top ripeness and best nutritional values.

Frozen Cherry

Our sour cherry varieties range from mild to intensely tart. For all our varieties, processed in our own production units, we guarantee strict low pit tolerance specifications. Organic range of sour cherries available.

Kristof - Owner & Chef Nice
Mr. Hiroaki Takahashi, Mr. Keisuke Sorimachi
Jean-rené Lemee - Purchase Manager Boncolac
Willem Verlooy
fruit puree testimonial pastry chef


"I use Crop’s fruit puree portions in my signature sorbets: raspberry, mango and passion fruit. Thanks to the purées’ premium quality, my sorbets have a full and rich taste, with pronounced colour and exceptionally soft mouthfeel. The puree portions can be very precisely measured and nothing goes to waste, which makes my work much easier!"

Owner & Chef Nice Ice cream, Belgium

"Crop’s puree portions are a particularly convenient and efficient solution that contributes to the ease of work. Vivid colours and rich fruity taste enable endless creative possibilities for your drink recipes."

Mr. Hiroaki Takahashi, Mr. Keisuke Sorimachi
Owners of the Low-Non-Bar, Tokyo, Japan

"We’ve been working with Crop’s for a long time now and are happy to continue this partnership. In our business, we’re always looking for the right products for our industrial applications. Crop’s never disappoints on finding the right sourcing solutions and stands out for their broad range of solutions and competitive pricing. Their consultants communicate in an attentive way, with deep knowledge of the market and advanced technical information about the products. We also appreciate all the care that’s given to the quality control of products and the reliability of deliveries. Crop’s is and will always be a partner for our company."

Jean-rené Lemee
Purchase Manager Boncolac, France

"Using Crop's puree portions just makes sense.  I don't lose time scaling my recipes and we don't throw away leftovers from the tubs. The portions are the highest quality on the market combined with the ultimate convenience for a competitive price."

Willem Verlooy - Broodboetiek Verlooy
Owner & Chef Pastry, Belgium

"I work with the Crop’s fruit purees in the pastry I create because of their top notch quality and exquisite flavours. The exotic fruit purees stand out most: the taste and smell of the mango and pineapple puree is outspoken and immediately refers to the fresh fruit. A real delight for the senses!"

Hsing Wei Chen
Chef and owner of Chuan Tung Bakery & Confectionary Shop, Taiwan

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Crop's Fruit, recipes and tips
Crop's red fruit mix
Frozen red fruit mix

Frozen Fruit Solutions

For food professionals and fruit lovers


SINGLE fruit

A broad range of carefully selected varieties to be used as ingredients or stars of any show, from the kitchen to industrial applications.



Carefully composed fruit combinations for a burst of flavours, including custom fruit solutions for your specific needs.




fruit for Smoothies

Premium quality fruit compositions for the exact blend of flavours, easily achievable every time, anytime.  Ready to blend.


Puree portions

Innovative small portions of fruit purée for a precise dosage and zero waste in gastronomy and baking.


Puree Tubs

Top ingredients for food (hand)craft, with vibrant colours and thick textures that add a layer of greatness to your creations.


fruit for milkshakes

Pre-composed fruit ingredients for a milky goblet made quick, easy and healthy. Ready to blend.


Fruit coulis

The essence of fruit captured in the ideally textured, vibrantly colourful coulis for the perfect finish of your food creations.

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BBQ recipes to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather, all ready for you to try.
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Consistent food quality, highest safety and full transparency


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Worldwide presence and delivery


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In-house R&D department and chefs


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