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Frozen pineapple

Crop’s is the specialist in the production of frozen pineapple.  Delicious frozen pineapples are freshly and naturally sweet.  Costa Rica is the country of pineapple extra sweet production.  Farmers cultivate pineapple during the whole year; there is no specific season of cultivation.  Costa Rican temperatures and soil are perfect to grow pineapple. After cultivation, the pineapple is frozen within a minimum of time. 

Frozen mango

Mango is the tropical fruit of the mango tree.  You can find mango worldwide but the tropical fruit is at its best when picked at its very peak of ripeness.  Thanks to the close proximity of our companies to the fields, we can guarantee mango with the best taste.  Frozen mango has a dark yellow color, is smooth and sweet.  Crop’s offers 3 varieties of frozen mango: frozen mango Tommy Atkins, frozen mango Kent and frozen mango Totapuri.

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