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Frozen fruit

Crop's is specialized in the production of frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is picked at the peak of maturity and frozen within a minimum of time. To guarantee you the best frozen fruit, fruit is only cultivated in the best growing regions worldwide. Crop's aspires to help people enjoy healthy, natural fruit products. In order to do this we control every step, from growing to freezing the fruit to packaging and supply. At Crop's, we have a passion for fruit and we want to share it with you.

Frozen fruit supplier

Crop’s is specialized in the production of frozen fruitCrop’s began as a small agricultural family business, and now with over three decades of experience in the fruit growing industry, we have become experts in our field.  Over the years, we have rapidly grown into one of Europe’s leading companies, cultivating and freezing fresh fruit in the world’s best growing regions.  To maintain our leading market position, we strive to introduce new successful fruit products to the market place through continuous innovation.

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