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Frozen blackberry

In our IQF fruit range, we offer different varieties of frozen blackberriesFrozen blackberries are little black, plump rounds.  The frozen blackberry reassembles to the raspberry but doesn’t have its tenderness.  The blackberry belongs to the same family as the raspberry and strawberry.  Frozen blackberries have a deliciously natural taste, are very fragile and have a black to red purple color.  Within the frozen blackberry range, we offer the Cacanka, Thornfree and Wild variety.

Frozen raspberry

Raspberries are considered as the most important fruit for the frozen fruit market, as well as the most fragile one.  Because of their fragility, they are very sensitive to price fluctuations on the global market.  The 3 major qualities are: frozen raspberry IQF whole quality, at least 95% of whole quality fruit; ‘whole and broken’ frozen raspberry is a mix of whole and broken raspberries and frozen raspberry crumble that are mainly individual cells of the raspberries.  The most important cultivation areas for frozen raspberries are Chile and Serbia.

Frozen blueberry

Frozen blueberries are the first superfruit because of its antioxidant richness.  Frozen blueberries have a sweet taste, and a clear blue to dark blue color.  There is a large demand of cultivated frozen blueberries for the fresh market and frozen wild blueberries for the pharmaceutical market.  Frozen wild blueberries come from Eastern Europe forests and cultivated blueberries are cultivated in Latin America and Northern America.  There is a large demand of frozen blueberries from industrial pastries for the production of blueberry muffins.

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