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Why smoothies?

A blended smoothie is a non-alcoholic drink made by mixing whole fruits (& vegetables) into a pulp in a blender, filled with a quantity of fruit juice (apple/orange/pineapple) or dairy product (milk/yoghurt, ...)

It's a very trendy product, offering the customers not only a drink, but a lifestyle.  Smoothies are a healthy alternative for a snack or a meal (breakfast, snack, dessert). 

Crop's provides individual portion-controlled bags of IQF frozen fruit (& vegetable) mixtures with easy opening (150g) and 500g bags.



Crop's smoothie-to-mix concept:


What's our offer?

We can offer you a large range of:

  • Fruit for smoothies
  • Fruit & veggies for smoothies
  • Super smoothies

Please contact us to discover our varieties.  



Smoothies range 150g: Crop's Range 500g:

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