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We offer a comprehensive range

Whether you are a retailer, a food service operator, wholesaler or an industry professional, Crop’s is your one-stop-shop supplier in frozen fruit, offering a wide range of different varieties and origins to serve you with the right product.

  • Extensive choice of product: red fruits, yellow fruits, citrus fruits, exotic fruits, forest fruits, organic fruits, etc.

  • Extensive choice of variety: Stanley, Pocegaca, Gabrovska and Wegierka plums, etc.

  • Extensive choice of origin: raspberries from Serbia, Chile or Hungary, mangos from Peru, Mexico or the Philippines, sour cherries from Poland, Serbia or Hungary, etc.

  • Extensive choice of cut and calibre: IQF fruit (whole, cubes, segments, halves, …),puree or coulis

  • Extensive choice of packaging: we offer a large variety of packaging styles, for instance bag-in-bag, click-lock or punnet for retail, 1kg bag for bakery, 2.5kg bag for food service or industry, …



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