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The core competence of Crop’s is to grow, select and freeze fresh fruit. 

Our agronomists play a crucial role in the growing process of our fruit. They choose the varieties and plants that best match the climatologic circumstances and the intrinsic qualities of the soil. Inspecting the status of the fruit produce on a daily basis, they optimize all critical elements such as time of planting, irrigation, agricultural inputs (i.e. fertilization) and cultivation through the optimum time of harvest. This way, the fruit is always picked at its very peak of ripeness and transported to the processing unit within a minimum of time, guaranteeing consistency of quality.


Our operational presence in Serbia, Morocco and Chile enables us to grow fruit in accordance with the strictest specifications. These production units, located in the best fruit growing regions, provide us with 90% of our fruit needs. For the other 10% we rely on a limited number of partners, who work in accordance with the same code of practice.


Given that we control the entire production chain, we offer you maximum traceability and thus reliability and safety for every single product.

Result: high quality fruit, always ripe, always available

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